How to Apply

In our step-by-step guide, you’ll find details on how to apply for and receive funding from us. Here you’ll also find commonly used phrases that may be useful to you during the application process.

Ap­ply­ing for and re­ceiv­ing fund­ing from AXGCAPITAL

When you apply for funding from AXCAPITAL , you need to know what kind of projects we fund, and what we expect of the organisations we fund. You also need to have a good understanding of the terms and phrases we use, so you’ll find a glossary with useful terms at the bottom of this page.

Is AXCAPITAL private equity right for you?
What AXGCapital funds

AXGCAPITAL funds research and innovation projects that may not become a reality without support but with a profitable future. We also fund pilot studies for projects in research and innovation, and provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Please have a look at what we’ve funded to date to see what kind of projects we provide support for. you can also get in touch for more information on this

Who can receive funding

We can only give funding to organisations, and we often want several participants to cooperate in the project.

How we fund projects

AXGCAPITAL  funds innovation through various calls for proposals. A call for proposal is a type of framework for what earmarked funding should be used for. In the call, we also specify what kinds of projects can apply or rather stand a chance .

Even if your project fits within the framework of the call, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive funding. There’s often tough competition and we can’t provide funding to everyone who applies. If we decide to fund your project, we never go in as advisers or collaborative partners.


Applying for funding
Your chances of finding funding for your project are greater with projects that already have great value . If you find a call that you think is suitable, you’ll need to submit an application electronically.

Things to consider before you apply


It can take time to apply for funding. Because our calls often ask you to cooperate with our team , you need to plan time to find cooperative partners. You also need to have a dialogue with them about the project and various parts of the application.

Once the application period has expired , you may only add details to the application if we request it.

Following up results

We want to see results from our investment


We usually follow up the projects we fund so that we can analyse our own operations and see what value our efforts have for society. We want to see both direct results and learn lessons from the execution of the project.

To see direct results, we can, for example, measure new or improved products and services, new patents, publications, new jobs, changed behaviours or additional sales.

We also follow up projects through evaluations and impact analyses. In longer projects, we sometimes do half-time reviews. In our programme conferences, we gather lessons learned and exchange experiences.

Sometimes, we send out surveys to the participants in the projects we follow up. By answering questionnaires, you can help us make our offers better. When we develop our operations, more good ideas can become reality.

Sometimes, the Government commissions us to follow up specific efforts.